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The Irish Beauty Market - There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get Involved


The beauty industry has exploded over the last few years with salons, nail bars, brow bars and aesthetic clinics popping up everywhere. Everyday there is a new clinic or salon opening which is fantastic to see as this wasn’t always the case.

Cosmetics alone currently amounts to more than €147 million and this is predicted to rise by at least 3% over the next three years. This is great news for those looking to pursue a career in this thriving industry and snap up a piece of the pie. There is now more opportunity than ever within this noisy market.

Customers are spending more than ever on beauty products, beauty services and beauty courses and workshops. Demand has never been higher for beauty products and services which means that there is now no shortage of jobs within the sector. 

A Noisy Market

Suzanne Jackson, one of Ireland’s leading beauty influencers made a great name for herself in the beauty industry years ago and was one of the first on the scene. She was one of Ireland's first “well known” beauty bloggers among the digital generation of those who use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis.

Over the last few years Suzanne has gone from strength to strength and has launched multiple businesses within the beauty market. 

As the beauty industry is continuing to grow and grow it means there are more and more bigger fish entering the market that can make it difficult for small businesses to thrive. Many wealthy entrepreneurs who have never previously dabbled in this market are now seeing the opportunity to invest. A classic example of this is Patrick Phealan who owns the extensive chain of Sisu clinics across Ireland had no previous beauty industry experience but so the huge potential in the market.

More Opportunity Than Ever

There is so much you can do within this market. If you’re looking to start your own business then this is one of the best markets to do it in. You can become a mobile beautician, nail technician or even become qualified in aesthetic medicine if you want. The possibilities are endless and there are more courses than ever offering individuals the opportunity to really improve their skills.

If doing peoples makeup and nails isn’t your thing you can look at developing your own product line which is exactly what Brendan McDowell did with his brand Bperfect. Brendan had no prior beauty experience but had an idea for a new product line that he thought would be a runner. (And he was right).

Social Media is Your Best Friend

Social media is any future beauty entrepreneurs best friend. Instagram and Facebook are filled with hundreds of thousands of pages with all things beauty and makeup related. Social media gives young makeup artists and nail technicians the opportunity to show off their skills and build up a following behind their personal brand which in turn will help them provide new clients.

This is exactly what happened with Sinead Murphy who is a well renowned makeup artist in Dublin. She did a lot of freelance work for weddings and special events. Suzanne Jackson found her on Instagram and loved her work and later asked Sinead to start taking part in her beauty workshops throughout Ireland which really helped launch her career in the makeup market. Now Sinead is currently living in Dubai and running workshops over there and also doing bridal makeup too.

Final Thoughts

Years ago three was a stigma attached with doing a course in beauty or pursuing a career in beauty. That has all completely changed now as there is more money and opportunity than ever for both men and women to create a successful career out of this industry. With new clinics, new products and new faces launching on the market every day it’s an incredibly exciting time to get involved.

If you’re looking to jump start your career in the beauty industry then be sure to sign up to one of our courses and learn the foundation of makeup, brows, waxing and nails so you can hit the ground running.

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