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How Do I Make a Career in Beauty


The Beauty Industry

Beauty is just like any other career choice ...you can be very successful if you set your mind to it.

Liverpool girl Thea Green founded Nails Inc at the tender age of 23. On a trip to New York she couldn’t help but notice the huge number of Nail Bars. At that time, here at home,  girls would generally look after their own nails. That was 20 years ago, the company now has a turnover of over £20m and more than 60 outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. 

In the  last 10 years we have seen a doubling and quadrupling of the number of Nail Bars, Brow Bars, Skin Clinics and Beauty Salons. Suzanne Jackson went from receptionist to blogger (massively successful) to high flying business woman, taking the lead in false eyelashes, tanning products and her own contour palettes. ...company profits are now reported to exceed a very healthy €900,000! 

The most successful people in any industry are those who passionately believe in what they are doing. Marissa Carter started life as a Beauty Therapist in DunLaoghaire South Co Dublin. She opened her own Salon and on the back of her experience as a Therapist she developed her own tanning range (Coco Brown) and following on from that success, she launched her own Make-Up and Skin Care  range. 

You Can Start Anywhere

Whilst it isn’t imperative that you start off as a Beauty Therapist, having some kind of experience in the industry is certainly an advantage if you want to follow your dream and create a business out of something that you love.

Not everybody can be a Kylie Jenner (youngest ever self made billionaire). If the idea of setting up your own business is daunting, don’t be put off ....there are plenty of opportunities to create a successful career in this dynamic rapidly growing industry.

Since Thea Green entered the market with Nails Inc, professionally manicured nails are a must have for most women. No longer do we get them done on a Thursday/Friday hoping they will last through the weekend. The introduction of the two week gel polish has led to a world where perfectly polished and manicured nails are an everyday essential.  The professionally manicured nail market continues to grow and grow.

Lash & Brow Bars were unheard of 10 years ago. Now they represent a whole industry on their own...brows can be big, bushy or sleek...Lashes can be long, curly or full. Lash extensions can be addictive, hardly surprising then that girls will return every three to four weeks to get them replenished. Salons are always on the look-out for well trained beauticians to cater to their ever growing number of clients. 

If working in a Salon is not your thing, consider the possibility of becoming a mobile therapist. Set up costs are relatively low and once you have your qualification you can develop a working week to fit around your other commitments. 

There Is Demand

The demand for professional Beauty Services has never been stronger. The number of new Salons opening to meet the growing demand means that there are fantastic opportunities for newly qualified therapists. To find out more about how you can gain entry to this exciting world go to www.juleacademy.ie.