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How To Become a Beautician In Ireland


There has never been a better time to get involved in the beauty industry. When Covid reached our shores in March 2020 we, along with many other training institutions were forced to close our doors.  That has now led to a shortage of trained therapists and this has come at a time when we are all just wanting to get back into salon to catch up on what we have missed. 

For anyone thinking of becoming a beautician in Ireland, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Beautician?

A beautician is a professional who has a passion for enhancing an individual's intrinsic beauty. 

What does a Beautician Do?

In general terms a beautician will develop a skill set in all services provided by a salon: nails, pedis, makeup, tan, waxing, brow design, lashes, massages, facials, slimming treatments.
In time, it is customary for Therapists to want to specialise in a particular area....on-going training keeps the passion alive and as with everything ...you can only get out of it what you are prepared to put into it. 

Getting Started

Its helpful if you already know whether you favour beauty treatments (brows, make-up, nails), more hollistic treatments like massage or skin related treatments (facials, peels etc)  Its not essential that you know this when you start out ...oftentimes this is something you become aware of during training.  

Try to choose a course with as much hands on experience as possible. The beauty industry is a hands on profession ...it’s crucial during your education that you get to practice and harness your skills as much as possible before going straight into a job.

Make sure your course is also suited to your learning style too. Some courses can be very theory intensive with a lot of learning and reading to take onboard ..this can be quite overwhelming for some students. 

What You’ll Learn

Within your course you will be given the opportunity to study health and safety, different techniques and about the different products and technology that are used today. Some courses are more in depth than others depending on the academy or college you attend. Do your homework before picking your course and ask exactly what you’ll be learning and which course might be best suited for you and the career you are looking to pursue.

What Course?

There are many course providers throughout Ireland, ensure you pick one that gives you a recognisable qualification that future employers will be looking for. 

Furthering Your Career

The beauty industry is a fast and dynamic industry with new techniques and new products coming out all the time. Keeping your knowledge up to date with all the new developments will help you stay ahead of the curb and allow you to offer the best results for your clients. Ensure you are attending regular workshops and events within the industry and listen to your clients. Find out what they like about your work and what they don’t and use them as a reference point to develop and grow your knowledge.