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Maternity Massage (AIT Accredited)
Maternity Massage (AIT Accredited)
Location: 81 Main St Applewood Swords
Places: 6
Price: €225.00
Deposit: €110.00
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About this course...

This course is essential for all therapists who are involved in massage. It is imperative that a massage therapist does not conduct massage on a client who is pregnant without the correct training. Regular massage during pregnancy is wonderfully relaxing for the mum-to-be and baby. It can help relieve many of the complaints and discomforts such as muscle pain and tension, backaches, leg cramps, morning sickness, fluid retention, fatigue and sleeping difficulties. It can also help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. It increases blood circulation thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of mother and baby. It helps improve the condition and texture of the skin thus helping to prevent stretch marks. The whole body can be toned, posture can be improved and stiffness that comes from the heaviness of pregnancy can be alleviated.

(Students must hold a recognised Certificate in Swedish Massage or industry equivalent)


Course Content

  • Introduction

  • Specific effects on the systems of the mother
  • Benefits of massage during pregnancy 
  • Contraindications of the treatment
  • Changes to the body during pregnancy 
  • Homecare & recommendations for the client

Course Duration 

Half Day 10am-2pm

Course Fees