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Hot Stone Massage (AIT Accredited)
Hot Stone Massage (AIT Accredited)
Location: 81 Main St Applewood, Swords
Places: 6
Price: €225.00
Deposit: €110.00
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About this course...

This Hot Stone Massage course is ideal for those who want to expand their repertoire of massage. Heated stones and fragrant oils are applied to key points on the body. The direct heat relaxes the body, which means that the massage is more effective and intense than a regular massage. The technique of working the hot stones along the body, along with the cooler stones, encourages the body to detox and heal. Lymph flow is improved which helps flush out waste.

In this hot stone massage course you will learn the skills and techniques to perform hot stone massage successfully. The benefits of hot stone are the release of stored tension, circulation is improved and energy levels recharged. Hot stone massage brings about an overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation.  


Course Content

  • Introduction

  • History of Hot Stone Massage
  • Contraindications of the treatment
  • Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
  • Materials & equipment and practical instruction 
  • Homecare & recommendations for the client 

(Students must hold a recognised Certificate/Diploma in Massage)


Course Duration 

Half Day 10am-1pm

Course Fees