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What to look for in a Beauty Course


First of all you need to know what qualification you will get when you finish the course.
The best qualifications are those that are internationally recognised...that way you can work all over the world including the cruise ships ...keep your options open ...you never know! VTCT, ITEC and Cibtac are all good for this.

You have to make sure your Beauty Course covers treatments that are relevant today. Some courses are stuck in yesteryear...who gets electrolysis today ...nobody! Your course should include gel nails, acrylic nails, lash lift, and threading. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for these...don’t be caught out!

Be Committed

Decide how much time you are able to give to the course ...weigh up your other commitments and pick a course that will allow you to give it the focus it requires in the time that you have.  There has to be a balance between college time, study time and practical experience in salon....make sure you can do all three.

Find out the pass rate of each course. If you’re not good at exams pick a course that has ongoing assessment rather than one final do or dare exam. This is particularly relevant for the Massage course

Shop Around

In this industry there is no one size fits all. Make sure you do your research and shop around. Find the course that is best suited to your learning ability, lifestyle and meets your career expectation needs.

Don't just compare the course cost ...look at additional expenditure : books, exam fees, subjects not covered within the course fee. Make sure there is a manageable payment plan. Seek out what government are available ...you might be pleasantly. 

And finally ask the question about job opportunities once your course is complete. Does your college ensure you have placement opportunities ...be very clear, if you are not good to go when you complete your course you will find it extremely difficult to get your first job no matter how good your qualification. 

Final Thoughts

There has never been a better time to become a beautician. During the lock down many therapists left the industry and colleges were closed to new students. The beauty industry is currently worth €532 billion and is growing faster than ever, job opportunities have never looked better. T

If you’re interested in becoming part of this industry and building up your career as a beautician then why not study with us. Jule Beauty Academy is Dublin’s leading beauty college providing excellent training along with hands on experience.