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Indian Head Massage & Hopi Ear Candling

This course is ideal for massage therapists who want to expand their repetoire. Indian Head Massage is derived from an ancient system, practised throughout Indian for thousands of years. Traditional Indian Head Massage was usually practised by women and was restricted to the head and hair. However over the years it has become increasingly popular in the west and the treatment now includes massage of the scalp, face, ears, neck, shoulders and upper arms. Indian Head Massage is a safe, simple yet effective treatment that aims to restore balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Indian Head Massage

Course Content

  • Introduction

  • History of Indian Head Massage 
  • Benefits of the treatment
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Anatomy & Physiology of head, neck & shoulders
  • Practical instructions
  • Homecare & recommendations for the client

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Fees